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About me


Hi there :)


My name is Liran, a stills photographer and video creator living and creating in Paris.


I grew up with movies since I was a child, knowing that I will tell stories with images in this way or another one day. 

I spent over a decade in the audiovisual industry in multiple positions. Movies and television series are incredible, but there is so much work behind the scene that it is easy to feel like a little you are just a tiny screw that is part of a bigger machine. And when you spin long enough, you tend to forget what you wanted to in the first place. 

And then one fine day, I took photos of a couple of friends and then I took some more and then more and soon enough I realized that I can express myself and communicate with the persons who are on the other side of the lens much more when I am not working in a team of 50 people. 


I slowly integrated photography with my cinematic experience, and for that reason, when I take someone's images,  I would like to know their story, who they are, and how they feel what they feel. 

It helps me to create a unique atmosphere that, through my lens, looks like special Parisian scenes.


A good photo is beautiful and a photo that, when you look at it, tells you a story and raises emotions. 

A great photo can tell us, even years later, exactly how we felt at that moment when we were photographed.


I would love to meet you in Paris and create some Parisian scenes that will always stay with you.

Hope to see you soon,



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