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About me


Bonjour !

I'm Liran, a passionate stills photographer and video creator based in the captivating city of Paris.

Ever since I was a child, movies have held a special place in my heart, igniting within me the desire to tell stories through images.
After spending more than a decade in various roles within the dynamic world of audiovisual production, I felt that while movies and television series are incredible, there's a certain magic that often gets overshadowed by the collaborative process and you lose sight of what truly inspired you to tell that story in the first place. 
That's when I discovered the power of photography.

Through photography I discovered a newfound connection—an intimate way to express myself and engage with the individuals on the other side of my lens. Without the need for a team of fifty, I found a more personal path to connect and create.

By fusing my cinematic expertise with my love for photography, I bring a unique blend of skills to every shoot.
When I embark on capturing someone's essence, I dive into their story, seeking to understand who they truly are and the emotions they experience. This profound understanding allows me to create a genuine atmosphere, resulting in photographs that exude the essence of Parisian charm.

A good photo is undeniably beautiful, but a truly remarkable photo is one that speaks volumes—a snapshot that transports you back to the precise moment it was taken, evoking the exact emotions you felt.
It's this extraordinary power of photography that captivates me, and it's what I strive to accomplish with every click of my camera.

I would be absolutely thrilled to meet you here in Paris and collaborate on capturing breathtaking scenes that will forever remain etched in your memories.

Looking forward to our soon-to-be shared adventure,


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