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Street Photography Workshop

In our daily routine, we pass by countless unexpected and magical moments that occur randomly.

We can't predict them, but when we notice them, they might see a story or evoke an emotion that makes us want to pull out our camera or smartphone, aim and hit the button.

But it happens quite so often that when we look at the photos we took, we realized that we didn't 'capture' what we saw through our eyes.


Now, have you ever stopped asking yourself, in that brief moment between deciding to take that photo and pressing the button, what is that "something" that triggered us? 

Who are these people or places that we find interesting enough to stop whatever we did and take a picture? 

Are they sad or happy? What's their story? Should we get closer? Should we ask them for permission, or would it hurt the authenticity of that moment?

When we start asking ourselves these questions before we aim our camera, we also begin to understand why this moment intrigued us. 

And once we start answering these questions, we also begin to make decisions such as angles, lighting, compositions, who or what the subject is, and so on. 


That's what makes street photography so exciting! It combines adrenaline, unexpected situations, emotions, technique, and quite a bit of planning. 

And most importantly, all these must be processed quickly before the moment is gone.


It takes time to develop a personal style, but the road to there is like no other.

So, I invite you to join me, a Parisian photographer, to make your first step in the fascinating world of street photography in a workshop that spans over half a day on the streets of Paris. 

In this crash course, you will learn and understand the basics of photography and street photography principles alongside practical exercises to improve your technique and storytelling. 


The workshop is for amateurs, beginners, enthusiasts and anyone who wants to pick up tools that will serve them on their journey towards creating more personal and unique images.


If you are on holiday in Paris, I recommend taking the workshop at the beginning of your holiday.  

What you will acquire in this workshop, combined with the natural curiosity of being in a new place, will turn your visit into an inner journey throughout the city. 



All cameras are welcome DSLR/Mirrorless, a pocket camera, or a smartphones 

Remember, the camera you have is the right camera

Duration of the workshop

5 hours


Number participants


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